Luv Bug Weddings will turn ANY place in Las Vegas into your wedding venue

After a massive heart attack and emergency triple-bypass, Reverend Tim Rowland decided to take a break from his full-time ministry services in Las Vegas. But he still wanted to officiate weddings with the aid of his wife Pam. So rather than finding another church project to tackle together, they decided to launch a special wedding project: Reverend Tim and Pam now provide the opportunity for weddings just about anywhere in Las Vegas, through their pink Volkswagen Beetle known as the Luv Bug.


So you want to have a friend officiate…

This is a notion that is near and dear to my own heart because that's how I got started as a professional officiant.  My best friend asked me to perform her wedding ceremony, and her big fat Jewish-Lutheran-Pagan ceremony inspired me to become a Life-Cycle Celebrant.

Having a friend-officiate can be a lot of work — in the end, it is DIY project.  But if it is something that you have your heart set on, there are ways to really make it work, and make it work well. So, as a friend-officiant turned professional, I'd like to offer some advice and suggestions for having a friend officiate at your wedding.