Tales from behind the altar: The many roles of a wedding officiant

I am an officiant in the state of Georgia. Recently a bride asked me, "What do you do when you arrive at the venue?" and I had a time explaining it. So, this piece is about what a minister/officiant does before, during and after a ceremony. I thought perhaps this might help couples understand how it works from my perspective.


Thumbtack presents the 12 biggest ceremony planning mistakes and expert advice on making your ceremony RAD

If there's one detail that we consistently see couples confused about, it's finding an officiant and crafting up a meaningful ceremony that rocks their socks. We've written before about writing your own ceremony and your own vows, and even having a friend officiate. But with the help of our sponsor, Thumbtack, we've got insight from loads of amazing professional officiants to inform your choices!


So you want to craft a processional…

A processional is an important element of any wedding ceremony. We're creating a special moment that separates the mundane, everyday life from the extraordinary, ceremonial moment of your wedding. I'm going to talk through a fairly traditional processional. Although I'll be using the terms "bride" and "groom," this doesn't mean that ANY of these positions and traditions can't be used by anyone in any way they want…