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This meet-cute story turned galaxy wedding is truly our moon and stars

Officiating weddings for friends? Don’t make this easy mistake

Over the years, we’ve shared all sorts of advice for how to officiate a friend’s wedding, but if you’re someone who friend officiates multiple weddings, here’s one mistake you DON’T want to make…

How to officiate a wedding – complete with 10 wedding scripts!

So you’ve been asked to officiate a friend’s wedding. Congratulations! Even if you’re someone used to exciting things happening all over the universe, someone like, say, Darth Vader — that’s still pretty excited! That said, unless you’ve done this before, you’re probably a little overwhelmed… never fear! We’ve got step by step advice for how to officiate a friend’s wedding — complete with links to TONS of wedding ceremony scripts.

A Blessing On Your House: Decoding weird wedding language with a queer Christian minister

Words have histories, and the words that go along with wedding ceremonies have millennia of symbolism behind them.

But those of us with a progressive or non-traditionalist streak sometimes wrestle with those ancient meanings as we seek to queer our rituals and find words that reflect the humanity-uplifting equal partnerships we want to build…

You've got to see NYC's first and only after-hours walk-in wedding chapel (like Vegas without the Elvis!)

You’ve got to see NYC’s first and only after-hours walk-in wedding chapel (like Vegas without the Elvis!)

Y’all know we love a fun and campy Vegas elopement. But if you’re elsewhere, say, on the East Coast or in New York City, it’s a long haul over to Vegas for that amazing elopement. But fear not! One of our most fabulous and charismatic wedding officiants, DonnaMarie SanSevero aka The Reverend D, has created the perfect New York after-hours walk-in wedding chapel. And it’s amazing…

Want a friend to officiate your ceremony? Here’s how to take the pressure off with ALL the tools they’ll need

For those we haven’t had the pleasure of introducing ourselves to yet: We’re American Marriage Ministries, a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit organization. We offer free online ordination so that anyone can perform marriage anywhere in the United States. That means if you have a friend or family member that you want to perform your dream […]

"Will you marry us?" Here's the VIP way to ask your friend to be your wedding officiant (and get ordained!)

“Will you marry us?” Here’s the VIP way to ask your friend to be your wedding officiant (and get ordained!)

If you’ll be having a friend of family member officiate your wedding (like I will be!), you’ll definitely want to get introduced to this package that gives you a VIP way to “propose” to your wedding officiant, just like you might with your wedding party! You snag the kit (or have it sent to them) and they get a really fun way to be asked to be your officiant. Inside they’ll find an easy way to get ordained, super comprehensive resources for crafting the ceremony, and even some chic swag to make them look as official as they are.