Grab a microbrew for this lovely & casual fall brewery wedding

We wanted to have a fun party and celebrate us, so we did what we wanted. We fell in love over beer, so that ended up being our inspiration. We had our first look at the bar where we had our first date and a pre-ceremony photo shoot at the beer & wine shop I worked at when we met. I did not want to wear white, so I wore a beautiful navy dress with beading and a navy veil to match.

Help me, Obi-wan, my only hope is this engagement shoot with Star Wars jerseys and Pokéballs

Ben proposed to Alyssa with a stunning vintage ring nestled inside a Pokeball that said "I choose you!" So it made total sense that these adorable nerdy birds wanted to snag some engagement photos decked out in their nerdy gear — specifically their Star Wars Jerseys.

May the Fourth is only two days away so this adorable couple will surely usher us into the Tatooine spirit. But not back to Jakku! May the force be with them, always.


Love + intention: a Wiccan park wedding with a breastfeeding baby as the "bouquet"

I’m a witch, my husband is not. He knows now after being with me this long that I care a great deal about ritual, intention, and love. So, we set out to do everything by hand. We braided our own handfasting rope, we decorated our broom together, we brewed mead together, we painted and created our whole twelve (12!) invitations together. During anything we did, we lit a red candle, and we would hush to each other about love. We would declare our intent.