non-diamond ring

Sapphires rings, ruby rings, emerald rings… even rings without stones at all! This is our archive of non-diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. You may also want to check out these archives: custom rings, eco-wedding rings, non-ring alternatives, and ring tattoos! Oh and der: don’t forget about our Vendor Guide listing of alternative wedding rings and jewelry.

Olga & Sergei’s dark, gothic, wine-country escape

Despite saying they’re not goths, these two went for black rings, a black dress, no cake, no dances, and a non-traditional gothic style wedding.

Brent & Jess’s unique custom fingerprint wedding rings

Wedding rings don’t really come much more custom than these… Brent & Jess makes custom wedding bands from your own fingerprints! I love the ones pictured above with the print inside of the ring, it’s like keeping one of the things that makes your partner totally unique close to you at all times. Plus it makes […]

Evita & Michael’s Beltane-Belle Époque DIY Fun-Fest!

Remember that wonderful handfasting cord tutorial from OBT member Lepapillonvert? Well, we finally got the entire scoop on her very green, very DIY wedding!

Brilliant Earth’s conflict-free diamond rings & ethically-sourced sapphires

If you’re magnetically drawn to the bling, but repulsed and nauseated by the horror of the diamond trade, then you should check out the conflict free diamonds from Brilliant Earth. In a sea of sketchy mall stores, these guys stand out as a socially responsible jeweler with their conflict-free Canadian diamonds, ethically sourced sapphires, and […]

Obsidian & Wayne’s Gothic Halloween-Themed Wedding!

The offbeat bride: Obsidian, Secretary Her offbeat partner: Wayne, Warehouse Location & date of wedding: Royal Canadian Legion Hall Maple Leaf Branch No. 66 on October 14th, 2006 in Toronto, Ontario What made our wedding offbeat: After knowing my hubby for about 13 years we finally up and decided to get hitched. So we got […]

Prom dresses make daring wedding gowns

I’m all for white dresses, red dresses, blue dresses, purple dresses, but ZOMG I actually gasped out loud when I saw this picture of Kelly Devoto‘s fantastical colorful peacock-y wedding dress — which it turns out was actually designed to be a prom dress.