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Sapphires rings, ruby rings, emerald rings… even rings without stones at all! This is our archive of non-diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. You may also want to check out these archives: custom rings, eco-wedding rings, non-ring alternatives, and ring tattoos! Oh and der: don’t forget about our Vendor Guide listing of alternative wedding rings and jewelry.

19 alternative engagement rings perfect for proposing to your offbeat beloved

19 alternative engagement rings perfect for proposing to your offbeat beloved

While Offbeat Brides don’t always follow the wedding conventions, I do notice that lots of offbeat proposals happen during the traditional time, which is between Thanksgiving and New Years. So let’s look at some offbeat engagement rings!

Jewelry in styles (and prices) that will please them ALL from Turtle Love Co.

If you’re looking for all types of wedding jewelry, from engagement rings to wedding bands to gifts from your bridal party then click through to see all the pretty, artsy, jewelry porn from Turtle Love Co.

Wedding band style guide from Brilliant Earth

We just love Brilliant Earth and their ethically sourced diamonds and jewelry, so we asked them to do us all a favor and hook us up with a wedding band style guide. So if you guys are currently looking for wedding bands, this is your lucky day! Offbeat Promotion, May 2011:, receive free engraving when you purchase two wedding bands!

Custom fingerprint wedding bands from Fabuluster

If you’re searching for a truly unique wedding band for both you and your partner, definitely check out the Fabuluster rings on Etsy. You might remember them from their first time on OBB — they were the fingerprint rings that got picked up all over the blogosphere. I loved Gizmodo’s take on them. And just […]

Ethically sourced custom-made sapphire rings from Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth — Oh how I love thee. Ariel’s already written (hell, practically gushed) about their conflict-free diamonds so allow me to gush about their ethically-sourced sapphires… Sapphire rings are one of my favorite alternatives to traditional diamond rings and Brilliant Earth has some ridiculously stunning engagement rings and wedding bands. I mean, check out that […]