Dawn & Benjamin's off-the-grid forest handfasting

This pair both studied sustainability at a gorgeous venue on Cortes Island, BC, so it only made sense to bring their loved ones there to celebrate their marriage. And those same guests pulled together to provide tons of help in preparing for this camp-out wedding in the forest. But the best part of all is the bride's HAND-PAINTED dress! You have to see it.


Kat & Scott's gamer geek gathering (with a side of wedding)

This pair knows how to play to their audience: board games, Rock Band, and gamer references all over this joint. They even have D6 cake pops! You'll also love the sweet ending to the tale of a nervous brother and his ring warming duty. This is one kick-ass geekfest for gamers and those who love them.


Lane & Jeff's eco-conscious upcycled wedding

You know a wedding has made good eco choices when you only end up with a small grocery bag of trash at the end. Add that to the fabulously upcycled dress, DIYed napkins, coffee filter flowers, homemade jam favors, massive potluck (with nine pies!), and an awesome depression-era band, and you'll love this sweet outdoor, budget party.


Melissa & James' casual geeky awesomesauce Pi Day wedding

What we have here is a case of awesome wedding with should-I-use-Offbeat-Bride-inspiration guilt. I am totally glad that Melissa decided to embrace what she loves and utilize all of the resources available. Including us! So on this Pi Day of 3/14, join us in reading about a Pi Day wedding full of geekiness, sweetness, and of course, PIES!