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no wedding party

No bridesmaids? No problem. Can you have a wedding without attendants? Yes! Here are real wedding photos from real weddings where there were no bridesmaids, no groomsmen, no bridal party… no problem!

Stacey & Brandon’s retro sci-fi atompunk wedding

Danger, Will Robinson! This wedding has too much retro sci-fi style to be contained! We’re talking a science museum venue, guests in sci-fi gear (with matching DIY tin foil hats!), constellation cupcakes, and spooky-awesome fog! Oh, and let’s not forget the famous Randy to the Rescue dress. Resistance is futile.

Lindsay & Ashraf’s multi-lingual vegan-friendly atheist wedding

A city hall ceremony started this pair off in matrimony, and then it was topped off by a three-day weekend of barbecues, brunches, and of course, a big ol’ multi-lingual party! Just wait until you see their M.C. Escher-inspired invitation, Wall-E cake toppers, and fruit centerpieces. But the best part is their funniest moments, which involve an overly enthusiastic ring dad and a translated baby. WHAT.

Melaney & John’s small town Tex-Mex dinosaur rock wedding

Let’s see here: dinosaurs (and a dino adult piñata!), a small town outdoor setting with a big cocktail gathering before the ceremony, and 34 DOZEN tamales… where do I sign up for this wedding? Oh, and don’t forget the groom’s and the bride’s mother’s live band performances, the Monty Python call-out in the ceremony, and the unintentional ass-grab by the groom during the first dance!

Laura & Dave’s succulents, accordions, and Paper Moon wedding

This couple knows the rules for sticking to your budget and make every choice count. With an adorable photo booth, an accordion serenade, and tons of DIY succulent centerpieces, you’ll definitely find something to love. Oh, and you’ll definitely want to see the groom’s face at the first look — it’s epic.

Carrie & Simon’s vintage-inspired wedding

This wedding boasts a gorgeous venue, a vintage dress, simple and chic centerpieces, and no shortage of megawatt smiles. It oozes happiness and the simple pleasures of life (like giant bowls of mashed potatoes!). Plus, you’ll love the orange analogy in the ceremony.

Jessica & Matt’s spontaneous Austiny elopement

When the wedding they were planning got too overwhelming and stress-inducing, these two opted to let it go in favor of an elopement recreating their first date. In familiar surroundings and killer clothes, their short ceremony and celebration was just right for them, and included sweet details like their cupcakes and vows in front of the beer tap wall. And wait till you see the groom’s first look at his bride!