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Interactive 8-bit wedding invitations

Tribesmaid Amorae made some awesome 8-bit wedding invitations that not only look cool but they act cool — they’re interactive! Amorae explains ’em in her own words…

12 deliciously geeky wedding cakes

You may or may not know that I’m a total dork, even Ariel attested to that fact during her last book reading. So every now and then when we get geeky wedding submitted to us, or when someone submits their photos to the Flickr pool, I get SUPER excited when I see really geeky cakes. Please to enjoy some of my favorites.

Cat and Andrew’s sci-fi, gamer nerd wedding goodness from Whitney Lee Photography

If you’ve been a reader of OBB for a while you will recognize the name Whitney Lee Photography — we’ve gotten so much amazing wedding porn from this Austin, Texas photography team that we’ve even assigned them their own tag! Well now Whitney Lee Photography is back to share Cat and Andrew’s sci-fi, gamer nerd […]

13 nerdy wedding rings [updated for 2022!]

These are the rings you’re looking for! Gamers, pop-culture enthusiasts, and geeks of all kinds: Offbeat Bride is the original home of nerdy wedding rings. We’ve got geeky wedding ring ideas for all the fandoms: Star Wars wedding rings, Star Trek wedding rings, retro 8-bit gamer wedding rings, Harry Potter wedding rings, and more…