Piranha plants and comic books at Peace Arch Park

Mary and Andrew were married in Blaine, Washington at Peace Arch International Park, which is between Surrey, British Columbia and Blaine, Washington. It’s also Geek Week, where we celebrate our nerdy and pop culture-loving comrades, and this wedding totally fits the bill with comic books and old school Nintendo references.

Retro gaming meets retro fashion

Stephanie and Jerred fit this week’s Geek Week theme like an NES Power Glove. Their Monte Verde Inn wedding had Sega Genesis invitations, guitar pick favors, Mario and Luigi costumes, all on top of gorgeous retro-style hair and fashion.

When Adventure Time, Zelda, and Minecraft collide with wedding invitations…

I’m a HUGE Adventure Time fan, so clearly Tribesmaid Elixia‘s wedding logo is my favorite. But if you like Adventure Time, Mine Craft, Zelda, and other geeky wonderful things, then you’re going to be even bigger fans of their entire wedding invitation suite…

Toss two-player plushies instead of garters and flowers

I am squicked out by the idea of my husband reaching up my skirts to remove a garter to throw to the male people of the reception crowd. But he thinks “tossing stuff at your guests” is, apparently, one of those things that needs to stay in the program. So here’s what I decided to do…

Will you be my Player Two?: How one Offbeat Bride proposed to her “mancreature”

We love us a good girl-proposes-to-guy story. Hell, Offbeat Bride wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for one of those stories. Tribesmaid Kaharaminttu has one of those stories, including a delightfully adorkable Mario-themed ring box that is going viral.

Science, Math, Pop Culture!: Nerdy wedding invitations

I profiled nerdy Save the Dates about a year ago — now it’s time for some geektastical wedding invitations in your face. So wipe off your glasses and get a real good look at these geek wedding invites, some of them are even for sale right now, some of them were genius DIY projects from genius nerds in love.