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From chic to geek: these wedding ring boxes will make it WAY harder to say no

Geek to chic: proposal ring boxes will make it WAY harder to say no

Whether you’re planning to propose to your partner who loves D&D, Harry Potter, and Star Wars or your partner who loves rustic wood details and geometric designs, there’s a proposal ring box here for you. And the best part? You can shift this proposal box into a ring box for your ceremony! It’s a two-fer.

Don’t miss the capybara(!) ring box, the blooming flower pop-up box, the seashell box, the acorn box, and the DRAGON EGG box…

11 geeky ring boxes that will make your nerdy lover say YES [Updated for 2022!]

Whether you’re proposing to your gamer/bookish/cosplaying partner or need a geeky ring box to carry your nerdy wedding rings down the aisle, these geeky ring boxes will totally do the job. Are you a Potterphile? A Whovian? An member of the Rebel Alliance? Or maybe you’ve full embraced Pokemon Go. Either way, there’s a geeky ring box in your future. It’s dangerous to go alone. Take these…

Super nerdy wedding invitations

Count the fandoms that hide in these awesomely nerdy wedding invitations

Natasha’s epic Pokémon proposal rocked our nerdy worlds, so when we saw her custom video game-themed and nerdy wedding invitations, we had to share. They intertwined Mario, Doctor Who, Sailor Moon, World of Warcraft, Harry Potter, and Pokémon! Here’s the scoop on how it came about…

Your princess IS in this castle: an elegant Super Mario wedding

Your princess IS in this castle: an elegant Super Mario wedding

If you’re an old skool Nintendo fan, you need to see this elegant Super Mario wedding. We’re talking felt fire flower bouquets and boutonnieres, tossed baddie plushes, Mario shoes and color scheme, and a kick-ass photo booth that would make any video game fan change their profile picture. Are you ready for this blast from ’80s past? Let’s take a peek at the whole gamer wedding…

Up your card box’s geek game by using an original Nintendo Entertainment System

Heather and Matt had lots of 8-bit references in their wedding, but our favorite was definitely their Nintendo card box. The best part was their instructions sign that read, “If it does not work on first try, blow on card and reinsert card.” HA. If you don’t get that reference, you’re most likely a youngin’.

This project brings so much retro radness in a small, DIYed package that will appeal to all your old school gamer pals.

NES card box and TARDIS wine box ceremony: Heather & Matt’s geek chic wedding

What does Jurassic Park, Doctor Who, Mario, and Nintendo have in common? This wedding! We’re talking about a handmade TARDIS wine box ceremony, 8-bit escort cards, Mr. Potato Head sweetheart table decor, and our favorite part: the hollowed-out NES as card box.