Leanna & Matt's Poe-inspired New York wedding

A librarian weds a book seller with Edgar Allan Poe details and a post-reception jaunt to a comic book store in Times Square? That's some major book nerdity for this week's Bookish weddings theme. This destination New York City wedding may have had everyone running late, but the scenery and city lights made it all worthwhile.


3 reasons offbeat couples LOVE Brooklyn's De Nueva Photography

You know a vendor is doing something right when over 60% of their clients are offbeat brides! And that's exactly how our sponsor De Nueva Photography rolls. Nicki, of De Nueva, loves working with offbeat couples because she knows that y'all are laid-back, super creative, and generally just tons of fun, which then equals fabulous photos. Or, in her words, "I know it's awesome-ness in the making."

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A purple-infused Old Stone House lesbian wedding in Brooklyn

Andrea and Alice celebrated their (awesomely legal) marriage at the Old Stone House in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. they had elegant DIY decor and a focus on all things love and family. Erica Camille met these two at the New York Pride Parade, and has become great friends with them in addition to photographing their wedding. Erica shared these photos with us and they are fan-flipping-tastic.