Harry Potter, Doctor Who, horses, and a four-figure discount from NY's Milestone Images

I think this is my favorite interview with one of our most prolific and wonderfully honest sponsors — Angie from Milestone Images. Not only do we get to see the once-viral sonic screwdriver bouquet in action, but we get to hear a photographers candid opinion on why her services are worth the money, why she's a great fit for DIY couples, AND we get never-before-seen admissions about the depths of her Harry Potter nerd-dom.

Oh, and I get to share with your our first ever four-figure discount from a wedding photographer.


New York wedding photography with plenty of awesome surprises from Pennace Photography

When she isn't photographing weddings, engagements, or boudoir sessions, she's — get this! — a paranormal investigator. Yup, she's been seriously involved in ghost hunting since 2006, and her team (she has a freaking team!) is the New York Paranormal Society.

Surprised? I know I was! But I promise the surprises from Pennace Photography keep coming, including an engagement session shot entirely in a way not even Offbeat Bride has seen before!…


Emily & Dan's gothically delicious 'til death-themed wedding

They don't like the usual wedding traditions, so why would they use them? Bring on the goth fashion, metal music, and the EPIC Jekyll and Hyde-themed bar! With an eyeball bouquet, lots of leather, a couple of gorgeous masks, and some clever DIY, this wedding was turned into a celebration of their personal connection.