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Alanna & Brendan’s outdoor high desert analogue wedding

The sweet little decor touches, the desert backdrop, the seriously hot couple, the Porta-Potties…. wait, what? No seriously, these two make a portable bathroom look amazing. Maybe it’s the gorgeous light blue dress and pink statement necklace combo combined with the pinstripes and glasses combo on the groom, but we just can’t stop looking. Just don’t ask why the cake-cutting knife got its name!

Faith & Aaron’s steamy Muppet wedding with a touch of Stephen Colbert

This combination of themes may seem a little odd at first, but once you see it, you love it! We’ve got Stephen Colbert-inspired cue cards, spin drums, steamy Western/sci-fi garb (complete with ray guns), flame-powered centerpieces, and some sweet children’s vows. You might also be inspired by their half public/half private vows, too. Oh, and wait until you see the faux “ink bleeder” pen made by the groom for the signing of the marriage certificate! Totally bad-ass.

Monica & Eirik’s pop culture desert wedding

This couple makes a burned down ancient ruin of a church look gooooooooood. Paper flowers made from their first emails to each other, windy veil hilarity, and the biggest happiest laughing smiles are just the tip of the iceberg. Can you spot all the fabulous pop culture references?

Jenn & Doug’s silly, song-filled, colorful trivia-fest

A bit of trivia for you: This couple’s matching reds and rings will make you swoon. You’ll love how this couple got all their guests involved in their wedding, from crafty table games to speeches and songs.

Erin & Michael’s half-Catholic, half-talent show wedding

Take a Catholic family and mix it up with every kind of performer you can imagine, and you’ll come up with this wedding. Belly dancing, stilt-walking, singing, dancing, and a sweet little ceremony to boot. Add in a few Star Wars and Monty Python references and you’ve got the complete package.

Vanessa & Jason’s Chinese martial arts New Mexican wedding

This pair went all-out on traditions by including lots of lovely moments from their cultures and interests. This included a tea ceremony, martial arts performances, a lion dance, an anniversary dance, and Spanish serenades. It would have been amazing to attend and see all of these carefully crafted elements come together to form this elaborate party. Plus the bride had three dresses, which is AWESOME!