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Moonrise Budapest Hotel Kingdom: A very Wes Anderson wedding

1960s-themed Moonrise Kingdom bridesmaids (with berets!), Fantastic Mr. Fox-inspired groom gear, a globe guest book, gorgeously French pastries, and so many Wes Anderson details to spot — this Wes Anderson wedding is miraculous. This four-day Labor Day weekend wedding even included rafting down the Rio Grande! You have to see this one.

This Jessica Rabbit bridal look had us saying, “How do I love thee?”

This styled shoot of a modern-day Jessica Rabbit bride features bright red wavy hair and a backless dress that would make Jessica proud.

Robin & Maggie’s wedding chapel crashers two-part wedding

These two rascals sneaked into a historical chapel in New Mexico for their legal vows, and then topped it off with a big bash in Colorado with friends and family. It’s a little historical, a little emotional, and downright adorable. Oh, and you might just love one of the bride’s takes on the wedding certificate as full-on AWARD!

Danielle & Tony’s sharks and dragons aquarium wedding

We love us some dragons… and sharks… and aquariums… and amazing purple and blue gowns — this wedding is killing it with style! Don’t miss the sketch comedian officiants, the gorgeous venue, and the self-portrait guest book. And you’ll definitely want to hear about the real origins of weddings starring none other than “Weddings Bartholemew!”

Emily Alt Photography’s super-cool “rolling elopements” may be coming to your town!

We’d like to introduce you to our sponsor Emily Alt Photography‘s super-cool “Rolling Elopements.” Emily and Ian (the couple behind Emily Alt Photography) is offering six Pop-up Wedding Chapel locations for 2013 and 2014, as they travel around the US in their vintage Airstream trailer with their cameras and their two dogs. If you’re in the market for a simple and easy wedding, check this out…

Paula & Brian’s Old Hollywood glam wedding

Live music, a wedding singer, and some retro glam make this wedding fabulous. And when you hear what went in to the pre-owned couture dress, you’ll have a new appreciation for all that beading! Add in a veggie feast, a wine box ceremony, and a sweet favorite song moment shared with the father of the bride, and you’ll swoon.