Rachele & Steve's 3D graphic design wedding

When two graphic designers get married you're sure to have something good to look at. In this case, it was their printed materials including programs, invites, save-the-dates, and seating chart. But the really amazing part was that they made them in 3D! The guests even donned 3D glasses to see the fun. But no glasses could have saved them from break dancing casualties.


Kisså & Todd's morning garden party wedding

These two had awesome goals: stress-free day, guests enjoying their "quirky little world," and be comfortable. They managed all of that while still creating a beautiful outdoor ceremony and cozy party with a bunch of touching moments and lots of blissed-out looks. It's happy-sappy and I looove it.


Stephanie & Peter's technicolor candy house wedding

Surrounded by a technicolor wonderland house, a bride in a purple and black dress fits right in. She and her top-hatted groom had a witness-by-lottery, Pixy Stix centerpieces, and somehow overcame a major bus malfunction to rock the night away in New York.