This balloon-filled Up wedding theme decor makes us talking dog happy

Selena and Stephen had a most magical Disney•Pixar's Up wedding theme for their Reno, Nevada wedding. We're talking hot air balloon glowing centerpieces, rainbow balloon cake, grape soda boutonnieres, Carl and Ellie-style mailbox card box, balloon thumbprint guest book print, and balloon shots galore. It's like their love exploded in color form and we got drenched in the magic. Let's take a peek at all the Up-themed wedding decor.


A unicorn wedding with burning love on the playa

Two weddings: one backyard poolside shindig followed by a Burning Man, unicorn-themed wedding on the playa. Though they may have run into issues with their officiant, making the ceremony… unique, the artwork, vows, and awesome costumes make up for it like whoa. Don't miss the lollipop bouquet, gorgeous headpiece, and sweet unicorn cake.


A Vegas destination elopement on a rooftop at twilight

Kendra and Spencer had a rooftop wedding at twilight in Downtown Vegas with neon light backdrop. So glamorous, so shiny! This Vegas destination elopement featured the bride's black and white gown, the groom's chic black suit, florals from Flora Pop (and their tear drop trailer!), and the Vegas sunset. Let's peek at how it all went down, including their first shared donut as a married couple.


The matching suits at this Vegas wedding will fill your heart with floral-covered joy

I don't know if I can adequately prepare you for the super chic matching suits on Lance and Cary. It's almost too much to bear. You just have to see it, appreciate it, and let it fill your heart with joy. The matching fabric was originally spotted on a pillow while they were shopping for their interior design clients, and they felt it totally pulled together the garden feel of the venue and their fave color. Plus, they've been together for 28 years and counting, so we're looking at long-time love in action. Swoon city, people.


#TeamGingerlevelsup: Sarah & Geoff's 8-bit video game wedding

What do Megaman, Mario, Kirby, and the Blue and Green Lanterns have in common? THIS WEDDING. That's right, we've got an 8-bit bonanza happening over here. Get ready for LEGO centerpieces, a retro Game Boy photo booth, a Zelda ring chest, the most awesome Mario-themed cakes we've seen, and a kick-ass costumed bachelor/ette party. #TeamGinger is so leveling up!