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Neurodivergent weddings are the freaking BEST! This category is our celebration of readers who identify as autistic, ASD, or otherwise non-neurotypical. This archive also includes some posts about working with anxiety disorders, ADHD, and other mental health challenges that may pop up for neurodivergent folks.

Sea queen meets literary nerd wedding

Sea queen meets literary nerd wedding (with the founding of a new land!)

This pair’s mash-up name totally sounded like a fake European country, so they ran with it and created a whole fanfic-style backstory and theme! Add that to the sea queen look, the together-but-independent ceremony (with apt, science-y unity ceremony!), and amazing game-themed reception, and this literary nerd wedding has won us over…

Here's how I'm planning an intersectional, interracial, accessible wedding

Here’s how I’m planning a Southern, intersectional, interracial, and accessible wedding

I’m a person with both hidden and visible disabilities. Queerness is an important part of how I identify and build community. We’re also an interracial and interfaith couple. I’m planning my big fat Southern, intersectional, interracial, accessible, and Jew(ish) wedding. Here are my perspectives…

5 tips for hosting an introvert wedding shower

“The bride, other bridesmaid, and I are all introverts — one of us is on the spectrum, one of us has general/social anxiety, and one of us is both! As the maid of honor I want to plan the best wedding shower possible, however I don’t want it to be too strenuous. Can you please help me with some ideas to make the lead up to my friend’s wedding as enjoyable and memorable (for all the right reasons) as possible!” Yep! Here are some ways to host an introvert-friendly wedding shower…

Planning a neurodivergent & introvert-friendly wedding when you’re an extrovert

Introverts and neurodivergent folks can have an internal conflict over their wedding days — they want to celebrate their relationship, sometimes feeling challenged when they’re in the spotlight. Here are some of our best tips for accommodating both sides of the coin and planning an introvert-friendly wedding.

Bats instead of butterflies in your stomach? Let’s talk about pre-wedding anxiety attacks

My anxiety attacks me where it will hurt the most — it makes me question my relationship, and now it added crushing doubt about whether I truly wanted to marry the man lying next to me. The very existence of those thoughts crumbled whatever defense I had left, because in that state of mind it feels like every thought that enters my head must, by its very existence, be true, no matter how much I love and want to be with him. Great state of mind for a newly engaged person.

“EVERYONE has something they’re worried about”: How one photographer helps battle your wedding self-consciousness

EVERYONE of my clients has something they’re worried about. Everyone is either mourning the death of a parent, or managing divorced relatives, or grappling with body issues. So am I. We are all so blessedly, amazingly human, and I’m here to make you comfortable and document all the sweetness of your day. This is how I do it…