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DIY these Totally Awesome Boom Box wedding invitations from Download & Print

I’m Anna Skye from Download & Print and I share printable wedding invitations. I had such fun sharing my Vinyl Record invitation with Offbeat Brides that I’m back with a new invitation, new musical era, and new free template just for you!

Psst: If ’80s glam isn’t your thing, read to the bottom to get details on having a custom invitation suite designed for you for FREE by yours truly…

Use glow sticks instead of sand to electrify your unity ceremony

When it came time for their unity ceremony, Jodi and Kim jazzed it up and pulled out glow sticks instead of sand. We love the daytime glow, and think this would be equally rad at an evening ceremony!

Kelley & Mitch’s bicycles, acrobats, and neon formal wear wedding

We previewed this couple’s AMAZING neon bicycle part centerpieces before, but little did we know that we’d also get to see an acrobatic silks performance, an amazingly visual contrast with the venue (that we love!), and even more photos of the centerpiece works of art! Come look and see the neon splendor!

These wedding centerpieces made from bicycle parts are pure art

Are you thinking, “What is this incredibly awesome thing?” You are looking at a handmade wedding centerpiece from Kelley and Mitch’s wedding that was uploaded to our Flickr pool. In fact, all of Kelley and Mitch’s wedding centerpieces where hand-made by them… out of bicycle parts.

Electric, pink, octopus-themed, Burner wedding fashions to blow your tentacles away

The Empire ladies lost their collective minds upon first look at the wedding photos of Tribesmaid MizAnna and her “husfriend” C.A.L. from their Chapel Arts wedding in Vancouver, BC. Just wait until you see her whole outfit and peep his black suit with the surprise design on the back…

Jodi & Kim’s glow sticks and bling wedding

This wedding has an official “flower disbursement” and “ring security agents.” Basically, they mean business. On top of that, a dog walked down the aisle, a fish was memorialized, and glow sticks featured prominently in the unity ceremony. I think we’re in for some fun. Oh, and you have to read about the jaw-dropping encounter with their first videographer. It was NUTS.