Find the perfect anniversary gift for you and your partner with Gemvara

Hey you: Married readers! Yeah, we know you're there and we love that you keep reading Offbeat Bride even after your wedding. Do you sometimes feel sad because our vendors aren't really relavent to your needs anymore? Oh contraire! Our long-time sponsor Gemvara is always relavent AND still has y'all in mind. Did you know that they have a whole anniversary gift section? They even have an easy guide to make gift buying easy if you just follow the anniversary gemstone list.


Dress up your strapless shoulders with a funky necklace

If you're wearing a strapless dress, and want to add a little more pizazz to your wedding day style, consider rocking an eye-catching necklace… for your shoulders. Just throw this neck — er — shoulderlace(?) over your head, then arrange its wonderfully webbed wings to drape over your shoulders, and BOOM, unexpected bridal accessory style.


There's something for every one of your Valentines (even the darkest of hearts) from Gemvara

Valentine's Day is coming up, and you know what that means — HEARTS GALORE and people expressing their lurve! Ok yeah: the assumption is that the manly dude is going to buy these for his bling-loving ladyfriend. But this is Offbeat Bride, so let's talk about who ELSE might love these things… Ladies, does your girlfriend love the sparkly shit? What about showing a little love for your femmey bottom boyfriend? Do we have some stuff for you guys to check out!