When outdoorsy isn't you: at-home engagement photos with books, vinyl, and natural black hair

When you think of engagement shoots, you might automatically think of backdrops like local parks, forests, and murals. But what if you're more of a Netflix-watching, cuddling on the couch type? That's why I LOVED these casual, loving, and intimate at-home engagement photos of Jordan and David.

Their passions are books, vinyl records, and their awesomely coiffed natural hair. So what better way to celebrate THEM than by having a session at home? Here's how it came about and why it's so adorably bright and airy…


Stars meets nature: a subtly geeky lakeside wedding with DIY for days

We combined our love for nature and the stars into a theme that came very easily for us. It helped that we found a venue that was the perfect setting to view the beauty of nature, as well as get a great view of the stars at night. To further our theme, I wanted to add a bit of a fantasy element so I decided to add subtle details that drew from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, both of which we're big fans.


"Sweet you rock & sweet you roll" at this sweets inspired wedding inspiration

This gorgeous couple was celebrating their 15-year wedding anniversary and hadn't had a wedding photographer at their own wedding all those years ago. It was time to remedy that with this music and sweets inspired wedding inspiration featuring custom drinks, a cute sweetheart table, and a seriously awesome and elaborate ice cream cart(!) and cake table.


Pink hair + rainbows abound at this vividly geeky wedding

We seriously can't get over the matching septum piercings on these cuties. Oh, and let's not forget the groom's pink hair and the bride's matching eye shadow! SO.CUTE. That's not even the start of this fabulously colorful and vividly geeky wedding in Ohio. Rainy, beautiful, meaningful, epic. That's how we're feeling about this wedding and you will, too…