April & Dennis' glam '70s festival meets London street food wedding

From the "cheese" cake to the cork board Polaroid guest book, this chic London wedding just exudes style. Originally from New Zealand and America, these two are now living it up in London and taking advantage of all the craft beer, Prosecco, gorgeous venues, and good times the city has to offer. Let's explore their 1970s-inspired, multi-colored dress wearing, seafoam green leisure suit sporting wedding.


Alicia & Jonah's nature-focused Native American wedding

Our ceremony was a traditional Ojibwa wedding, performed by an Ojibwa elder. Ojibwa is an eastern Canadian native American tribe which is Jonah's ancestry. Our wedding was held outdoors from ceremony to pictures to dinner to reception. The reception was held at night under a patch of trees. We danced on a grass dance floor.


Krista & Colin's multicultural punk island elopement

Islands views, backgrounds and cultures, WWII history, and their sweet dog named Thor — these are things that make this couple tick. And since both had very different kinds of weddings before, this one only going to be about their love and the meanings behind it. Cue the Scottish island elopement with ink, a mohawk, and lots of ceremonial traditions.


Ahava Studios: your San Francisco-based wedding photography ninjas!

When Ryan and Stephanie — the husband and wife team behind our sponsor Ahava Studios — got married in 2010, they were definitely an offbeat couple. They got married in a Redwood Grove in a tiny town with an entire wedding budget of $5000. A lot of the ideals that they held for our their offbeat wedding have translated to their photography business. They also truly understand how much y'all love special discounts, and colorful photos of awesome couples in love, and helping people. Let's check out how Ahava Studios is combining all three of those things, shall we?