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Naked cakes can be totally rustic, fabulously simple and chic, and gorgeous with flowers, toppers, and minimal frosting. Delish AND gorgeous naked wedding cakes galore!

Jess & Simon’s colour-bomb, sparkle motion, foodie wedding

Lots of colour, handmade details, and a lovely working farm — this wedding has so much decor and foodie cred. These parents found adorable ways to incorporate their daughter, their family, and even their pooch into the day. Don’t miss the naked cake, the colorful yarn hearts, giant confetti send-off, and nom-worthy food photos for daaaays.

Gorgeous naked cake on @offbeatbride

14 reasons to get NAKED: an homage to the fabulous naked cake

I remember seeing Chaitra and Ryan’s immaculate floral naked cake back in 2013 and thinking, “Oh shit, this is going to be a thing and I’m going to love it.” Naked cakes have been fluctuating in popularity for a long time, especially in the UK and now over here in the US, and we are still loving them. If you’re one of those frosting haters (blasphemy!), you’re probably loving them, too. Here’s a little homage to the naughtiest of wedding confectionaries: the naked cake.

Rustic wedding ideas from @offbeatbride

Logs, twine, and flower crowns: 40 rustic wedding ideas for your reclaimed wood dreams

Today we’re paying homage to one of our favorite nature-inspired wedding themes: the rustic wedding. Let’s take a peek in our archives for rustic wedding decor ideas, rustic wedding fashion, and rustic jewelry, dresses, favors, and ceremony backdrops. Let your hair down and keep all your rough edges: we’re going rustic!

A DIY colorful wedding

If you’re not hooting and hollering and holding up a yay flag for this colorful bonanza of a DIY wedding, then we are not doing our jobs. Come for the Red Wedding sangria and bridezilla card box… stay for the naked cake and “clown-vomit garland.” Oh, and get this: there’s a time-to-kiss gong, some quite literal “toasts,” and a MACHETE involved!

Shannon & Billy’s casual red and blue backyard wedding

With lots of red and blue, a sweet backyard ceremony, and a naked cake covered in knitted flowers, this wedding could not be dampened even by torrents of rain. Fairy-lit tents saved the day and allowed everyone to mix and mingle and enjoy the chic catered buffet. And watch for the bride “making a run for it” at the ceremony!

Liz & Mark’s fanciful handcrafted Northwest forest wedding

You might remember this wedding from a certain wedding crasher’s perspective. The full story was well worth the wait: a lush, green plot fabulously transformed into a chic and woodsy wedding space, purple details, and a naked cake we’d go naked for.