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Make your nails pop with a feather manicure

This feather nail tutorial from The Fab Fatale is really flexible in that you can craft pretty much any kind of look: white feathers for an angelic look, a black base coat for a goth wedding vibe, and of course, an Offbeat Bride favorite… peacock feathers!

Paint your ring fingernail for your “something blue”

When in need of a “something blue,” you don’t have to look further than your fingertips. What better place to feature that little tradition than on your ring finger? Whitney wore a soft pink on the other nine fingers, but on that special digit a little blue went a long way.

8 ways to geekify your wedding day nails

I stumbled on these old skool Apple logo nails and felt inspired to find any and all geektastic nail tutorials! I know some of ya’ll are going to love these and may be inspired to rock them down the aisle. We’ve got Doctor Who, Harry Potter, TMNT, Angry Birds, Super Mario, and moar! Check it out.

Superficial snack: rainbow water-marbled nails

Rainbow is all the rage, so why not add some rainbow to your nails? This tutorial will show us how to “water marble” with rainbow nail colors (or any colors!), if you’re skilled enough to pull it off. Check out the how-to video and give it a shot.

Newspaper nails for literary hands

We needed an outlet for all of the wacky and awesome accessories, makeup trends, hair styles, and adornments we keep running into, especially now that we’re trolling around on Pinterest. So, here is our first Superficial Snack showing how to create awesome newspaper nails, perfect for a bookish wedding.

The ultimate manicure for gamer brides!

A big thanks to Cortney who submitted this video tutorial for gamer geek nail polish. This one’s for all the Nintendo-loving brides out there.