I am ALL about this gold foil + dried flowers wedding nail art

If I were to describe my current favorite wedding nail art, I think I'd go with a transparent base with dried flowers and gold foil. Oh but WAIT… that exists? And it's in easy-peasy, non-permanent press-on form? I'm so in. I spied these temporary wedding nails over at Jane Safarian Nail Art, who coincidentally also has a bajillion more styles to choose from. Think chrome ombre nails, holographic nails, pink marble, 3D water droplets, and that dried flower look on black, taupe, and more.


Mingling strategies, and digestive system problems: Don't ignore THIS post-wedding advice!

I fervently wish I had paid more attention to the journals and blogs with the post-wedding "what I learned" lists when I was planning. Alas, I kept thinking "that could never happen to me!" and thus ran into a few problems during the day of my wedding. I also stumbled across some things that are not regularly discussed (post wedding shoots? Having a mingling strategy?) and thought I'd share…