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Get out your jazz hands! This is our archive of musical theater weddings. You might also want to check out our theater archive, which is full of weddings on stages.

Get ready to be blown away by this queer AF musical theater wedding

Get ready to be blown away by this queer AF musical theater wedding

We had a ceremony musical theater interlude, a Stevie Nicks themed cocktail hour, social justice and queer themed tables, bomb food, bomb dancing, and homemade wedding cakes. Our theme was to have a queer AF wedding that was hopefully as much a gift to the people we love as it was to us. We were rounding out an ambitious year: cross country move, new jobs, new careers, and a wedding all happening within a few weeks.

Hamilton wedding surprise video!

Don’t throw away your shot at seeing this Hamilton wedding surprise

If you’re lucky to be among the few who have seen Hamilton live, we salute you. The rest of us will go back to binge listening to the soundtrack and weeping softly into our Lin-Manuel Miranda body pillows. In either case, you’re going to want to see this Hamilton wedding surprise where a groom, Landon, goes ALL OUT rapping to his bride, GiGi. It’s as good as it sounds…

Lindsay & John disguised their surprise Wizard of Oz wedding as a birthday party

This 30th birthday party turned out to be anything but. We’re talking a surprise, Wizard of Oz-themed wedding with a rainbow dress, theater and comedy performance, and a whole lot of surprised guests. Just wait until you see the emotional reaction from the couple’s parents!

Erin & Jeff’s Scottish tartan and balloon animal wedding

A ruby red gown, lots of Scottish influences, and a friend with connections into a favorite photo setting meant a pretty stellar day for this couple. She’s theatrical, he brought the tartan — let’s get down and line dance! Just watch out for rogue balloon animals. Apparently they get around.

Lindsay & Val’s Broadway-themed, musical wedding

Lindsay & Val share a passion for attending musicals and shows. They incorporated hints of that throughout their Broadway-themed wedding in Chicago. Even though gay marriage isn’t legal in Illinois, Lindsay & Val wanted to have a wedding ceremony in which they could unite in front of their friends and family!

Planning a sincere-but-theatrical wedding

Planning a sincere-but-theatrical wedding

If you or your beloved is a performer by trade, how much of the wedding is a “performance”?