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Musicians and music enthusiasts, is your wedding music really important to you? Whether you’re looking for a DJ, planning to rock your own reception live on stage, or searching for ways to celebrate your love of music, you’re sure to find inspiration here. These music-obsessed weddings go up to 11!

A rock ‘n’ roll elopement in a record store

Elizabeth and Scott had a rock ‘n’ roll elopement at the iconic Generation Records! This unique elopement in the West Village of NYC is a wonderful example of creating a wedding day that’s authentic to who you are as a couple. Elizabeth and Scott got married amongst their favorite records in a stunning all black ensemble with their four-legged flower girl and parents by their side.

A costumed royal Renaissance affair with a sword in the stone cake(!)

Renaissance wedding playlist

Renaissance themed weddings naturally need a Renaissance wedding playlist, but some of the most beautiful wedding music comes from the 1500s to 1700s. From Pachelbel’s “Canon” to saucy madrigals, you can find some awesome music here.

Super thorough non-religious wedding ceremony script, complete with readings and music suggestions

When Emily & Jack shared their non-religious wedding ceremony script with us, we were blown away by how incredibly thorough it was — if you’re looking for some secular wedding ceremony ideas to steal, this script is full of ’em! 

The perfect gender-neutral wedding playlist

Even in 2021, it’s hard to find gender-neutral wedding songs, let alone a gender-neutral wedding playlist. The world is so binary, especially in the mainstream media. But you’re on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and as such, you want/demand/hope for something that is a bit more unique. As a transhuman, I want to help others find ways to celebrate their love and commitment together, while not feeling awkward as your first dance song plays, singing about a gender that neither you nor your partner identify with!

16 unique recessional wedding songs for your offbeat wedding ceremony

Recessional songs bookmark your wedding ceremony as a match for your processional. Here’s a list of happy, triumphant, meaningful pieces of music from many different genres.

Epic battles and rainbow bubbles at this space wedding

19 wedding sing-along songs to get your guests belting their faves

Wedding sing-along songs are a happy custom. Choose the right song from our list and then check out our tips for making the song-along successful.