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Technicolor Muppet madness at this Austin wedding

Never have I seen so much colorful Muppet hilarity in one wedding. (And we’ve seen some Muppets!). A Muppet cake (with awesome sheet cake alternative), Muppet felt bouquets, doppelganger hand puppets, and an ANIMAL BAND(!!) make Cristina and Trevor’s wedding a total nostalgia-fest. There were even felt Muppet eyes and props for the photo booth. Feast your eyes and get smacked in the face with color!

Muppets, dinosaurs, roller skates: Make your own wedding planning rules with Rebel Belle Weddings

I’m a HUGE fan of Los Angeles-based wedding planner Laura Guerrie. Laura is more than a sponsor, she’s part of the Offbeat Bride family. Ariel turned to Laura to answer the “do you need a wedding planner” question, and she and I have not only worked together, but we also party together. Speaking of parties, why don’t we revel in some of the OUTSTANDING offbeat weddings she’s helped orchestrated — Star Wars cakes, Muppets, dinosaurs, and generous offbeat discounts await…

Camels and puppies and Muppets, OH MY!

Let’s get real: I know I’m not the only person who is obsessed with my little critter. Animals are freakin’ awesome, so naturally many of you have found ways to include those furry loved ones in your wedding. So this Monday Montage is dedicated to them bitches.

Luke and Suzanne’s Muppet wedding

So I had the esteemed honor (and OMG sweet freaking luck) of shooting the very first wedding ever held at the Jim Henson Co. lot in Los Angeles. Here are some of my favorite shots of Luke and Suzanne’s Muppet wedding, well, from the photos I’ve edited so far!