Melissa & Joe's Star Wars masquerade ball

It's Star Wars week and today we've got a Star Wars-themed masquerade with handmade masks, a Yoda officiant, and a wedding party complete with all the major characters from the movies. Add in the LED bouquets, the "future preview" movies, life-sized Han in carbonite, and mini lightsabers for everyone, and you've got a wedding to make any Star Wars fan start heavy breathing. Oh, and wait until you see the surprise reception dance!


Amy Joy & Christian's cozy blended-family theater wedding

A hint of vintage glam, some German-infused elements, and some sweet family vows make this wedding lovely. But it's all the lessons learned about guest lists and second wedding drama that really hit home for a lot of us. Oh, and the bride's delicious idea to put some cotton candy into the champagne! We can't resist; we're only human!


Sonya & Mark's cinematic retro theater wedding

This pair needed a very specific venue, and a trip to their favorite movie theater gave them the epiphony they needed: a wedding at the movie theater with a retro Hollywood theme! Queue the popcorn and champagne, James Bond-looking groom, victory rolled-ladies, and movie trailer ceremony preview. Just don't score them too low for the predictable ending (happily ever after, naturally).