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Movie theater wedding ideas, venues, receptions, themes, and invitations, plus pictures from real weddings that happened in movie theaters!

Old Hollywood glittery glam reigns at this retro theater wedding

We featured Dara and Michael’s vintage-styled drive-in theater engagement photos that were the bee’s knees. This week we are super lucky to be able to feature their whole wedding including even more vintage style, theater flair, and a couple of super cute and customized Funko figures as cake toppers. Don’t miss the movie theater candy favors, Dara’s Gatsby-inspired headpiece (it was like 1950s meets 1920s!), and Old Hollywood glam decor…

Retro cars, popcorn, & an adorable pair at this vintage drive-in movie engagement session

An old vintage sofa, a hot retro car, Coca Cola, popcorn, and an adorable couple perfectly combine for this vintage drive-in movie engagement session. Dara and Michael are perfectly adorable in their subtly retro outfits at the Dixie Twin Drive-In in Dayton, Ohio with shots in the car, in front of a huge sign featuring them(!), and some dramatic poses.

Old Hollywood meets the macabre at this movie-themed wedding

Old Hollywood meets the macabre at this cinema wedding on Friday the 13th

Tiffani and Schuyler had their ceremony in an old historic movie palace including having their names on the marquee, and wedding-themed B-Movie posters replacing the current showings on the outdoor frames. They had campy movies like “I Married A Monster From Outer Space,” “Bride Of Frankenstein,” and “Bride Of The Monster.”

Oh, and they had a Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory-themed dessert table!

5 reasons to have your wedding at a drive-in movie theater

Remember when we introduced you to our sponsor Four Brothers Drive-in Movie Theatre in the Hudson Valley, in New York. They’re back with a special offer, and four more reasons to consider throwing your wedding at a drive-in movie theater…

Offer popcorn at your reception -- as seen on @offbeatbride

Offer a wedding popcorn station for theater-style snacking

Remember Scott and Arthur’s super adorable Castkills wedding where they made us grin like whoa at their antics? There was even more to see. At their reception, they offered up a movie theater-style popcorn station complete with popcorn bags for self serving. Oh it’s so theater-tastic! Take a page from their book if you want to offer a pre-dinner or late night snack to your guests.

Critics give 4 stars to this amazing NY drive-in movie theater venue!

If you East Coasters are searching for a truly unforgettable place to host your wedding, allow us to introduce you to our new sponsor, the Four Brothers Drive-in Movie Theater in Amenia, New York.

Four Brothers is fully equipped to give your party rave reviews.