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Emily & Benj’s classy, punk elopement on a red rock

After two failed attempts at planning weddings Emily & Benj decided to do the next best thing: elope! So they took their soon and ran away to Vegas. But they didn’t get married my Elvis, they had their ceremony on a red rock in the Valley of Fire at sunset!

Sharla & Kris’ Moab, Utah Motorhead Wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Sharla, newspaper production designer (and OBT member “Firecracker“) Her Offbeat Partner: Kris, engineer Location & date of wedding: Moab, Utah — April 25, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: We love Moab for its scenery and fantastic trails, so we chose to get married there. We had about 23 guests, no attendants, […]

Our $2000 Summer Camp Wedding

We started the wedding planning process by declaring a strict and modest budget: $2,000 to be exact. We wanted our wedding to be about sincerity, authenticity, connection, and a celebration and proclamation of love and commitment. We didn’t want it to be about monogrammed napkins and excessive amounts of fondant. In all honesty, we didn’t want to let our wedding overshadow our relationship (and we needed to save money for the house we planned to buy four days after our wedding).

Becca & Luc’s Mountain Alpine Basin French-Canadian/American Wedding

The offbeat bride: Becca, Medical Biophysics grad student (I study braaiiinnsss!) Her offbeat partner: Luc, Super Hot French-Canadian Medical Biophysics grad student (microfluidic devices) Location & date of wedding: On a rock, in a field of flowers, 11,500 ft above sea level, surrounded by 14,000′ of mountains, at Yankee Boy Basin, near the town of […]

Beautiful backpacking wilderness wedding

Amidst all the talk of dresses and decor fetishists and tiny top hats, it’s easy to forget one of the core tenets of offbeat bride: that it’s about having a wedding authentic to you. That doesn’t always mean a day full of non-trad doo-dads and subcultural lifestyle accessories.