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Motorcycles, leather, & romance at this rock 'n' roll Savannah wedding

Motorcycles, leather, & romance at this rock ‘n’ roll Savannah wedding

Deanna and Larry got married in front of Forsyth Fountain in Savannah, GA. It was a rock ‘n’ roll Savannah wedding to remember. When you see Larry’s entrance, you’re going to lose it. Instead of walking down the aisle… he rode down it in a motorcycle! He then surprised Deanna with custom leather vests to rock while they rode off into the sunset together after the ceremony.

Don’t miss Deanna’s fab bouquet of large peonies, anemones, and lush greenery and of course, their killer groom’s cake!

chic and bad-ass motorcycle engagement session

This chic and bad-ass motorcycle engagement shoot is pure eye candy

Give me golden hour engagement photos anytime to get my heart pounding. Give me a motorcycle engagement shoot at the golden hour and you’ve got my motor running. Give me this hot-as-hell inked up pair on top of it all? I’m in deep, y’all.

Cara & Kit’s motorcycling hula-hooping waterfall wedding

Things that rock about this wedding: DIY barefoot sandals, hula hoops, scenery to die for (or at least get a ticket from a park ranger for!), infectious smiles, and a motorcycle getaway. When the bridal headpiece is a motorcycle helmet, you know you’re dealing with some kick-ass people.

Janna & Nick’s Motorcycle-themed, whimsical wedding celebration

After seeing Janna’s motorcycle sprocket bouquet (and, for some of us, learning what a sprocket is), we knew that we had to know all about this wedding and the creative, motorcylcle-loving (and, as it turns out, ex-wrestler and theater geek) couple behind it. Some of us (me) also have totally developed friend/mentor crushes on the bride. -Becca

Red dress, red veil, motorcycle sprocket bouquet – homg yes!

To copy and paste from a conversation I had with Ariel: “Homg, red dress, wtf is that bouquet — it’s amazing! Yes.”

Kitschy-fabulous salt & pepper shakers as cake toppers

I love multi-purpose wedding stuff. So when I saw Kim’s wedding cake topper choice, thought it was a great idea! Kim found a pair of adorable salt and pepper shakers to adorn the top of her cake, and I found a bunch more to adorn YOURS!