Kisså & Todd's morning garden party wedding

These two had awesome goals: stress-free day, guests enjoying their "quirky little world," and be comfortable. They managed all of that while still creating a beautiful outdoor ceremony and cozy party with a bunch of touching moments and lots of blissed-out looks. It's happy-sappy and I looove it.


Kelly & Seth's Sous L'Elephant Rose movie theater wedding

Kelly & Seth had a rockin' bachelor/bachelorette party the night before their morning wedding. The ceremony was in a movie theater that was underneath the pink elephant car wash (Sous L'Elephant Rose). The ceremony included a custom film of how the couple met. After the ceremony, they headed to a restaurant for a fabulous reception.


How early is "too early" for a morning wedding?

Based on the weddings I've featured here on Offbeat Bride, I'm going to go for "dawn" as my answer.

Many readers may remember a sunrise wedding we featureed. This wedding was remarkable for a lot of reasons, but it's worth noting is that an 8:30am wedding allowed the couple to have essentially an open guestlist, thanks to know that only the most dedicated family would make it that early, combined with the fact that they weren't feeding everyone a sit-down dinner.