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A soon-to-be mama & her handsome groom elope in the mountains of Glacier National Park

A soon-to-be mama & her handsome groom elope in the mountains of Glacier National Park

As Mary’s due date approached, her fiance Kristian told her out of the blue that he wanted to marry her before the baby came. So with short notice, they high-tailed it to Glacier National Park in Montana to celebrate their love, their baby, and make their marriage official. It was a truly glorious landscape to have a ceremony. Huge vistas, vast mountains, waterfalls, and a golden hour to end all golden hours…

Fueled by their own offbeat wedding, Washington’s R+A Photography is your dream team

It’s probably because they were in YOUR shoes once — a fun couple planning an non-traditional wedding — that their business is so tailored to offbeat couples. R+A Photography is all about being straightforward, travel-friendly, with non-crazy-making prices, oh! and a special deal for our readers, of course.

Let’s go glamping: honeymooning at Montana’s Paws Up

Are you still fretting over where you’re going to have your honeymoon? It’s cool, you can totally stop looking, we found your honeymoon spot: The Resort at Paws Up. You are welcome. Follow me on a virtual tour of your future honeymoon spot.

Sexy Simple Montana wedding

Y’all know I’m a huge fan of a simple wedding … and this gorgeous Montana wedding feels like the perfect combo of small, stripped down, and yet insanely sexy.

The beauty of simplicity: When a family member gets a terminal diagnosis, your wedding priorities shift

This weekend I attended the wedding of my brother-in-law Chris in Missoula. He and his fiance, Sacha, had intended to get married in September … but when they got the word a couple weeks ago that Chris’s mother’s cancer was back with a vengeance and her time is limited, they moved the wedding up by four months.