Lauren & Vaughn's Mennonite kid-friendly farm wedding

This wedding will have a lot of fans: kids, chickens, color lovers, singers, and of course…. US! You've got hymn singing, Indian food, and what I'm going to excitedly describe as a Nickelodeon slime unity ceremony! It's all wrapped up in a big ol' barn in pretty sunset land. Just watch out for the bride's dad and uncle lighting the fireworks with a blow torch. Dudes got wild.


Elyse & Steve's wands-vs-sledgehammers literary wedding

What do sledgehammers, croquet, and Harry Potter have in common? This wedding! A gorgeous outdoor wedding with Jewish traditions is capped off by an epic battle of wand versus sledgehammer. So pick a handmade wand, get sorted into a house, and join us in checking out this Midwest wedding with tons of charm (and magical charms!).


Baily & Martyn's DIY rock 'n' roll Halloween wedding

If the costumes, kick-ass handmade dress, and three-legged dog dressed as the Black Knight (sans leg, natch) don't get you, the paper doll-inspired invitation will. And if even that doesn't get you, the officiant holding "Weddings for Dummies" will. And if THAT doesn't get you, just wait until you see the band dressed as brides and the slow-dancing Jay and Silent Bob. It's a smorgasbord of amazingness over here.


Jessica & Grant's outdoor Victorian winery wedding

This bride's custom-made cobalt blue Victorian dress steals our hearts, and the rustic, forest-y details take the rest. Non-matching bridesmaids in white, a fabulous ceremony gazebo, and so much ambiance. Oh, and wait until you hear the story the groom told in his speech. Let's just say it had something to with self-tanner.


Use watercolor swatches to share your wedding color scheme

I've been wringing my hands over my "dusky" wedding colors, and it's been difficult to explain to my bridesmaids what I generally had in mind. A lot of them will have to search for their dresses solo, and I think some of the girls have been nervous to just start looking without a narrower focus. So I sat down with my watercolors and metallic nail polish and started hammering out swatches…