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Who says you need matchy-matchy bridesmaids? We love it when bridesmaids get to pick out their own dresses, and this whole archive full of real wedding pictures with bridesmaids wearing non-matching dresses. You might always want to check out our more general bridesmaid posts, including our awful-but-necessary How to fire a bridesmaid. Wait and what about groomsgirls? If you’re going that route, be sure to check out our mixed-gender wedding party posts.

Non-matching bridesmaid dresses

“I am thinking of asking my three brideswomen to just pick a dress they like (maybe within a colour scheme…?) I don’t think they have to be matching because they are all uniquely beautiful and hopefully will feel more comfortable in something that they have picked out themselves. Have you got any pics of non-matching brideswomens’ dresses?”

Kristina & Todd’s classic punk-rock wedding

Tattooed bride and bridal party, a custom ceremony performed by a self-described atheist minister, and punky music selections… Kristina and Todd present the “classic punk rock wedding.”

Kristen’s green, eco-friendly wedding

The offbeat bride: Kristen / Retail Manager, but trying to get out Her offbeat groom: Todd / Production Assistant Location & date of wedding: Miami University Campus, Oxford, OH. Oct. 13, 2007 What made our wedding offbeat: It started with Todd proposing without a ring, saying we should pick one out/design it together. And that […]