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Who says you need matchy-matchy bridesmaids? We love it when bridesmaids get to pick out their own dresses, and this whole archive full of real wedding pictures with bridesmaids wearing non-matching dresses. You might always want to check out our more general bridesmaid posts, including our awful-but-necessary How to fire a bridesmaid. Wait and what about groomsgirls? If you’re going that route, be sure to check out our mixed-gender wedding party posts.

Moonrise Budapest Hotel Kingdom: A very Wes Anderson wedding

1960s-themed Moonrise Kingdom bridesmaids (with berets!), Fantastic Mr. Fox-inspired groom gear, a globe guest book, gorgeously French pastries, and so many Wes Anderson details to spot — this Wes Anderson wedding is miraculous. This four-day Labor Day weekend wedding even included rafting down the Rio Grande! You have to see this one.

Brooch bouquet

Rach & Matty’s family union meets serendipitous venue wedding

With an amazing alternative to parent dances that got everyone involved, a lovely family unity ceremony, and kick-ass venues, this wedding was bound to make our day. Don’t miss the “gone weddin'” cupcakes, mismatched bridesmaids, handmade brooch bouquets, and amazing ring vows!

Kimmy and Erik “party forever” at their gorgeous, earthy, live music showcase wedding

Who wants to see Managing Editor Megan’s first time as a bridesmaid? Her two very close friends, Erik and Kimmy, married each other in chic bohemian style, in the Los Angeles mountains. Come for the live music (the groom is a musician), but stay for the fashion (the bride is a stylist).

A vintage-inspired goth wedding featuring a whole lot of hats and a unicorn bride and groom

Serge and Ely wed in Pennsylvania at the Abington Art Center, which proved to be a most excellent backdrop for their vintage and goth-friendly wedding day. The bridesmaids were decked out in mismatched purple gowns, the groomsmen (and officiant!) donned top hats, and an adorable owl and beaver topped their cake.

A music-heavy Brooklyn wedding with dinosaurs, balloons, and a drumming bride

Meet Mary and Matt, two Brooklyn-based musicians who wanted their wedding to include their fave bands and tunes in a big way. Each table at the reception was named after a band (some local, some super famous) and both the bride and groom took turns playing with their band during the reception! The multi-talented pair’s creativity didn’t stop there, as Mary also DIYed most of the bouquets and decor herself.

When Hinduism and Taiwanese wedding traditions combine: a multicultural wedding day

Helen and Deepak hail from Chicago but traveled down to Port Orange, Florida, to get married at The Estate on the Halifax. The multicultural pair intertwined Hindu wedding traditions with Taiwanese influences and owned it — the day included a lot of awesome details, like the fan-turned-wedding program and mismatched red bridesmaids dresses. Twinkle lights lined each corner of the reception hall, and the party moved indoors to enjoy a fruit-heavy dessert table (no cake!) and tons of dancing.