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Joan and Tom’s upcycled carnival cabaret wedding

We married on September 11, 2010. We’d just met when the 9/11 tragedy occurred. After the initial shock subsided, we made a big feast for the people who lived in our building. That was the first loving thing we did as a couple, so we consider it our anniversary. It made sense to marry on that day (albeit having to explain the story a million times).

Sarah & Paul’s simple and fun outdoor wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Sarah, Social Worker and student Her Offbeat Partner: Paul, Web Developer at Minnesota Public Radio Location & date of wedding: Minnehaha Falls Park and our back yard in south Minneapolis, MN — September 20, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: Our wedding was offbeat for several reasons. First, we had a short […]

Emily & Ian’s tattooed rocker wedding by candlelight

The Offbeat Bride: Emily, Graphic Designer & Studio Artist (and OBT member “TheSueb“) Her Offbeat Partner: Ian, Musician Location & date of wedding: The Loring Pasta Bar and Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN — 9/20/08 What made our wedding offbeat: Our ceremony was in a restaurant that was shut down for a few hours. My […]

Sarah & Aaron’s Hockey-Themed Wedding ON ICE!

The Offbeat Bride: Sarah, Freelance Writer and Editor (and OBT member Icedinogirl.) Her Offbeat Partner: Aaron, Business Process Consultant Location & date of wedding: Richfield Ice Arena, Minnepolis, MN — 4/4/09 What made our wedding offbeat: Our wedding was offbeat for several reasons. Primarily, because it was on the ice at a hockey arena. All […]

Bethany & Kris’ Fabulously Fall “Extended Dinner Party” Wedding

My partner and I both love the fall and consider it the best season in Minnesota. I also love to throw dinner parties and wanted our ceremony to be an “extended dinner party” with wonderful food and wine. We also wanted to accentuate the beautiful colors of fall, so we found a beautiful “chalet” at a city park. I wore a chocolate brown dress with awesome orange shoes. Kris wore a classic black suit with a golden rust tie. We had no attendants or “wedding party.” Just us.

Kristi & John’s Crafty Rainy Day Wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Kristi, pre-school teacher at a German Immersion pre-school and a previous example of why rainy day weddings = gorgeous weddings! My Offbeat Partner: John, IT guy at a middle school Location & date of wedding: Columbia Manor, Minneapolis, Minnesota — May 10th, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: We really tried to […]