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Invitations galore, snow groomer riding, and some geeky mini flags

The Offbeat Flickr Pool gave us some very cool invitations plus some handmade steampunk jewelry, paisley tights, and geeky mini-flags. Let’s see what our offbeat readers have been posting.

Stacy & Bob’s handmade bluegrass talent show wedding

Reunited after decades apart, this pair opted for a casual and very musical talent-fest and DIY bonanza. And Stacy has photos to back up all the crafty goodness. The proof is in the pics!

The sexy men of the wedding party, plus major cake geekage

This week’s Flickr Pool was a sea of jumping, bathtub-standing, baby-wielding groomsmen. Must be something in the air… and I like it! Come celebrate those steadfast gents plus some geek cake carnage in the Monday Montage.