Mary & Charles' crafty roller derby tiki wedding

This destination wedding brings a reluctant to fly Midwest family to San Diego for a tiki-meets-roller derby party with cool DIY details like crocheted bouquets. Things get pretty crazy at the reception with an order to drink more booze and a lady in a chicken hat. It also takes a pretty cool bride to admit her mistake in her advice to other Offbeat Brides.


Erin & Michael's half-Catholic, half-talent show wedding

Take a Catholic family and mix it up with every kind of performer you can imagine, and you'll come up with this wedding. Belly dancing, stilt-walking, singing, dancing, and a sweet little ceremony to boot. Add in a few Star Wars and Monty Python references and you've got the complete package.


Leah & Charles' art gallery foodie wedding

Lots of DIY, paper cranes, photo booth hijinks, mini flags, and a glove-rocking mother of the bride, all wrapped up in an art gallery package surrounded by family and friends. Are you in? Thought so. Plus, you'll learn some undergarment wisdom for the ages. Check out this food and art-loving wedding in our spring theme week.


Kisså & Todd's morning garden party wedding

These two had awesome goals: stress-free day, guests enjoying their "quirky little world," and be comfortable. They managed all of that while still creating a beautiful outdoor ceremony and cozy party with a bunch of touching moments and lots of blissed-out looks. It's happy-sappy and I looove it.


Lane & Jason's folk village cultures collide wedding

This couple blends Indian cuisine, fairies, bellydancers, Rajasthani and Tunisian dancers, fire-spinning and yes, Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It" on accordion, into a medley of colors and flavors too awesome to be kept indoors. They had to carve a place in Wisconsin's Driftless Region to hold all of this inspiration.