Mini flags, mustaches, and pinwheels: we're celebrating "Something on a stick day"

The entire Offbeat Empire is celebrating Something on a Stick Day today, so we're celebrating all things… on sticks. For Offbeat Bride, that means mini flags, mustaches, ribbon wands, pie markers, and lollipops. You'll also want to check over at Offbeat Home & Life and Offbeat Families to see what they have going on. Let's stick the landing, stick it to the man, and stick together as we overuse puns and peruse the stuff-on-a-stick archives.


Monica & Eirik's pop culture desert wedding

This couple makes a burned down ancient ruin of a church look gooooooooood. Paper flowers made from their first emails to each other, windy veil hilarity, and the biggest happiest laughing smiles are just the tip of the iceberg. Can you spot all the fabulous pop culture references?