Kiona & Jennifer's magickal barefoot solstice wedding in the desert

This pair has a strong connection to the desert, so a barefoot desert ceremony was a must. Add in lots of handmade, vegetarian, and eco-friendly touches, and you've got a truly gorgeous and personal wedding (that somehow totally avoided the scorching Arizona summer heat). And don't miss the awesome, impromptu "rad bromance" dance duet!


Katy & Aytan's potluck picnic wedding in the park

I just love simple and sweet weddings filled with love and no pretension. Give me a potluck in the park with the nearest and dearest and I'm sold. This wedding has that and a whole lot of sweetness between the couple. Just don't accuse the groom of crying — it was obviously just his hair gel getting in his eyes.


Lizzie & Chris' slope-side snow lovers wedding

A ski instructor meets a snowboarding instructor and it's love at first powder. What better way to celebrate the marriage of these two snow bunnies than to have the ceremony on the slope itself? Add in some ski-loving details into the cool bar reception and you've got a party even the clumsiest of skiers (like me) would love.


Tash & Sean's fire hooping flow fest wedding

I, myself, am not a big one for tradition and rituals or the concept of marriage in general. However, this was very important for Sean. We had been committed together as life partners for some time now, and Sean had delightful visions of himself as a groom and husband. Marriage was very important for him, and I couldn't say no to a party where I get to look friggin' fabulous! So even though we knew that we didn't need marriage to validate and define our relationship, keep it together, or somehow transform us into a more "loving" and "legit" couple, we decided to do it anyway, because I love him, he loves me, and why the f@#$ not?