Karly & Jack's vintage-inspired Alice in Wonderland wedding

Vintage book centerpieces, Alice in Wonderland details all over the joint, a vintage-style dress, and a butterfly cake (and bouquets!) make us salivate over the little things in this wedding. A drop-dead gorgeous venue sure didn't hurt, either. Plus, there are total lessons to be learned about having your partner help in planning and dealing with a venue coordinator. Look and learn!


Nicole & Josh's eco-friendly camping trip wedding

A midweek morning ceremony with a whole week of campout festivities surrounding it? Sounds fab. This couple was on a mission to keep things as eco-friendly as possible and to undertake any and all DIY projects. Was it a success? You'll just have to see for yourself. Here's a hint: hell yes.


Emma & Kevin's Muppets-and-raccoon-lovers' elopement day of fun

This super-intimate secret engagement took place in front of a giant window mid-morning, and the rest of the day was chock full of fun times. Candy store posing, arcade playing, and the tallest Ferris wheel in Canada? Yes, please! Let's tag along like raccoons and peek as these two muppets take on married life: day 1.


Stephanie & Zachary's budget-friendly courthouse and pizza wedding

This week we're celebrating intimate weddings with destination elopements, cozy city hall vows, and private romantic ceremonies. This time, the groom wore his Class A's and the bride wore a short white dress to their courthouse ceremony with pizza and bar-hopping as the after-party. These two wanted a mid-week ceremony catered to their style, and they definitely did it. Low budget, high fun, epic pizza.


Kelly & Andrew's small and simple Tuesday wedding

With the goal of keeping things simple, budget-friendly, and personalized, these two managed to pull off a sweet and small wedding (with only a few minor hiccups along the way!). Heavy metal, wrestler themes, and movie soundtracks were the musical backdrop for the alt model marrying the independent wrestler. Add in a little color, a little candy, and some knocked-out groomsmen and you've got the jist.