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Shrie & Brett’s Vintage 50’s Mexican Fiesta Hitchin’!

And in case you missed my two part series, here ’tis! “Planning A Wedding from Afar Part I and Part II“. Tips and tricks galore.. now dive into our wedding! The offbeat bride: Shrie, Sign Designer/Music Writer Her offbeat partner: Brett, Senior System Engineer Location & date of wedding: YWCA in downtown Fort Worth, TX […]

Laura & Rob’s Day of the Dead wedding, vintage-style

We decided on a Day of the Dead theme for a few reasons. First, we love and collect Day of the Dead art. Second, Rob’s parents retired in Mexico and collect/make Day of the Dead art. Third, my son is half Mexican, it all seemed to fit!

Maria & Luke’s Hispano-Hipster dance party wedding!

Our wedding was concert-themed, meaning we got married on stage, to music, in a show venue, distributed tickets, handbills, etc. So many things made this wedding *us*. From our garb (giant red dress & powder blue vintage tux) to the venue (an old warehouse converted into a show venue), to the homemade cupcakes and home-arranged flowers, we managed to get everything we wanted, for dirt cheap, and still made it all look relatively good.