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Anna & Renie’s quirky and colorful Mexico wedding

This pair is making a life in Mexico and brought guests from three countries to celebrate with them. But after seeing the lovely bridesmaids’ dresses, the colorful Mexican backdrop, and these two cuties surrounded by loved ones, the travel was totally worth it. Check out the ceremony foot washing and live music, too!

Morgan & Jon’s multi-location trifecta wedding

Four locations, four weddings, and four times the reason to see what the hell it’s all about! And that includes a hand-spray-painted dress, a surprise wedding tattoo, and a really awesome “water ceremony.” You must see what ceremony flub made all the guests raise their hands in the air and wave ’em like they just don’t care.

A French-Mexican fusion wedding in Mexico City

Imagine getting to attend a French-Mexican fusion wedding outside of Mexico City with local and French foods, amazing dancing (salsa included), and tons of DIY details. Julie Hagenbuch got to do just that when she photographed Marie and Mario’s gorgeous ceremony and party under the stars.

Adrienne & Dennis’ week-long non-resort wedding in Mexico

This bride proposed to her groom in their favorite hotel courtyard in Playa del Carmen, and one year later they were married in that same courtyard! But this time they were surrounded by 65 of their nearest and dearest for some dancing, pool lounging, and tequila drinking.

Susana & Carlos’ gothic-inspired wedding (with tango!)

Some traditionally-minded guests and a last-minute dress swap didn’t dissuade this couple from creating their dreamy gothic candy buffet wedding. And you’ll love their choreographed tango (with video)!

Sueños Tulum: the venue that made me wish I’d had a destination wedding (or at least a tropical honeymoon)

So, there I was in Tulum, about an hour and a half south of Cancun on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. I was not working.

…And yet I couldn’t stop thinking about weddings.