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Mermaid weddings aren’t all about Disney theme weddings and The Little Mermaid… there’s more general nautical elements and fantastical flavors. Dive in!

These mermaid bridesmaids are probably luring me to my doom and MY BODY IS READY

These mermaid bridesmaids are probably luring me to my doom and MY BODY IS READY

I spied these life-changing mermaid bridesmaids dresses over at Lady Petrova’s Instagram page and instantly wanted to see more. They’re labeled bridsemaids, but y’all totally know these have bride written all over them. Or groom. Or literally anyone wanting to look like pastel magic wrapped in glitter. Isn’t that everyone?

This mermaid wedding inspiration is like Atlantis come to life

Attention wedding mermaids: this beach wedding inspiration is like Atlantis come to life

Okay sure, this is beach wedding inspiration, but it’s taking things up a level to MERMAID territory. Think blue ombre hair with a handmade shell crown, a beach-y bouquet with air plants and greenery, a golden shell purse, a tall ship tablescape, a gold-gilded cake worthy of King Triton’s court, and the blue sequined dress of our sea-worthy dreams. Please take these details and inject them into your seafoam fantasy wedding and then show it to us! For now, behold the gorgeousness…

9 pairs of adorably petal-like shoes with scalloped edges

I just can’t escape the lure of these wavy-lined scalloped shoes. The edging gives them all a little of a delicate feel, without getting full-on into bows or flowers. (And god knows I love those details, too!) Let’s browse through 12 pairs of my favorite adorable shoes with petal-ish scalloped edges. Or maybe they’re not petal-ish… maybe they’re kind of mermaid-y. Up to you to decide!

Mer-gagement: This is what a Little Mermaid proposal looks like

Daniel secretly set up a little mermaid photo shoot for my friend and I, and then showed up in the middle of it dressed as Prince Eric. I was in my mermaid tail on the riverside when he got down on one knee, with a little seashell box, and asked me to marry him. It was like something out of a fairytale.

Siren’s song: 10 mermaid wedding accessories

Victoria’s Secret can keep their angels, because this post is for the folks who have their eye on a different kind of fantastical creature. We’re all familiar with Disney’s The Little Mermaid , yet not every bride wants to be like Ariel (unless you mean our publisher, in which case everyone wants to be like Ariel). Thus for the brides and grooms on a mission to add a hint of mermaid sophistication to their wedding without drowning in clichés, here are six aquatic accessories that don’t scream Disney.

It should be obvious why I love these custom-painted Little Mermaid shoes

FINE YES, my name is Ariel and when The Little Mermaid came out, I was at the height of my high school musical theater career, and could not have been more pleased. To this day, “Part of Your World” is one of my top five karaoke jams. With this in mind, it is of course no surprised that I got a special feeling in my imaginary mermaid gills when I spotted the custom-painted Vans that Shondypie wore at her aquarium wedding. These were custom-painted by Etsy seller SomethingFromTheSun.