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We’ve got all the wedding menu ideas and advice you need, with everything from example menus, to how to deal with special needs eaters like vegans or gluten free or paleo folks, plus printable wedding menu templates!

Finger food wedding menu

This wedding menu roundup was inspired by and based on Juliette and David’s rock ‘n’ roll wedding with finger foods… and the quite possibly the classiest s’mores ever!

Wedding brunch menu ideas that are delicious and sometimes adorable

Ah, the brunch wedding — budget-friendly and delicious. And don’t get hung up on tradition… brunch can take place at ANY time. But what to serve your hungry guests? At the risk of getting even hungrier, let’s look at all the delicious options for your wedding brunch menu, including THE perfect wedding egg (you’ll die when you see it).

Melissa & James’ casual geeky awesomesauce Pi Day wedding

What we have here is a case of awesome wedding with should-I-use-Offbeat-Bride-inspiration guilt. I am totally glad that Melissa decided to embrace what she loves and utilize all of the resources available. Including us! So on this Pi Day of 3/14, join us in reading about a Pi Day wedding full of geekiness, sweetness, and of course, PIES!

7 creative ways to showcase your wedding menu

Menus are generally boring, but often necessary if you’re having a sit-down dinner with several meal options. But for offbeat brides, it means another way to show off your creativity, of course! Here are some great ways to get creative with your wedding menus.