Lane & Jeff's eco-conscious upcycled wedding

You know a wedding has made good eco choices when you only end up with a small grocery bag of trash at the end. Add that to the fabulously upcycled dress, DIYed napkins, coffee filter flowers, homemade jam favors, massive potluck (with nine pies!), and an awesome depression-era band, and you'll love this sweet outdoor, budget party.


Jessica & Jacob's low-key '50s-Style wedding

At first I was like, "I love that dress!" and then I was all, "I love that hat!" And finally I said, "I love this wedding!" 1950s-inspired fashion, a low-key dinner after some geeky vows (Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who included), fun with a piñata, and a bazillion folded cranes — this is a wedding to savor.


Romance, test tubes, and a Beetlejuice save-the-date

We plucked some awesome images from the Offbeat Flickr Pool and Offbeat Bride Pinterest account this week. Some were sweet, some were crafty, and all were awesomely YOU. From your submissions to our eyeballs, here are the latest additions in the weekly Monday Montage.


Juggling wedding planning and grief

Stressful as wedding planning can be, doing so after the loss of loved ones brings up so many more painful questions and emotions. Melissa, who lost both of her parents before her wedding, dives into this, sadly, universal issue. Begging the question: how DOES one juggle grief and wedding planning?