Music, laughter, hugs, and tears: the ways I honored my dad on our wedding day

Then the more our wedding plans coalesced, the more I needed Dad to have a role, somehow, in our wedding. Some friends suggested that we include a prayer in our ceremony to acknowledge him, but this seemed out of character for us. Others proposed placing an empty chair next to my mother to symbolize both his presence and absence, but this didn't seem right, either. So, to create a space for Dad, Nick and I decided on the following. They may seem minute, but to me, they were huge…


Losing my mother and honoring her memory through my own offbeat wedding

I have taken so much joy (if that's even the right word) in seeing how other Offbeat Brides have made touching, bittersweet acknowledgements of those who can only be there with them in spirit. It seems that those rituals are surprisingly absent from "traditional" wedding magazines and blogs. My mom passed away almost two years ago, but my parents didn't get married until four days before she died. And I know that being a part of that wedding has empowered me to craft an offbeat wedding that I can proudly take ownership of.


Turtles, starfish, and sailboats: a sun-filled aquarium wedding from New Jersey

Ben and Erin hosted their ceremony and reception at New Jersey's Atlantic City Aquarium. The pair included a ton of darling details like blue and teal striped pinwheels and planting a tree together for their unity ceremony. They also opted to leave several seats intentionally empty during the ceremony, and marked these spots with a handwritten tribute to family and friends who couldn't be there to celebrate.


Lauren & Marco's offbeat lite Filipino American wedding

This pair wanted to mix some traditions with offbeat ways. So get ready for traditional Filipino food, invitations, barongs, and 35 sponsors! They also opted for a Unitarian ceremony, which presented its own challenge for the bride's Catholic family. You'll definitely want to heed her advice when it comes to that. So head in and ogle the gorgeous Wai-Ching and Unique Vintage dresses, the purple glow-y tent, and the choreographed first dance story.


Use Cocroft and Delbridge's custom fabric flowers to keep your wedding day memories alive

Whether your style is classically elegant, girly with a touch of vintage, beautifully bohemian, glitzy glam, or rocker chic, Cocroft and Delbridge is going to hook you up with fabric flowers that'll make you think twice before throwing that bouquet. Speaking of bouquets, let's take a look at all the ways Cocroft and Delbridge can outfit your wedding with flowers that'll never say die…