"Will we need a corsage for your grandmother?" Grief and wedding planning

Those who have lost someone — and that is nearly all of us — can tell you that grief, rather than subsiding, simply assumes the traits of water molecules. Over an amount of time, never predictable, it changes shape from a solid pain to a fluid, familiar ache, an ache which leaves room for joy, for the ability to page through love-worn photo albums, for gratitude at ever having known and loved the person at all.


Wear a loved one's handwriting with this wedding memorial ring

If you've lost a loved on before your wedding, you might know a little about wanting to remember them in some way at your wedding. I spied this sweet little memorial ring over on Etsy and loved the concept. You send them a scan of your loved one's actual handwriting and they'll create a custom ring for you to wear on your wedding day. It's similar to bouquet and shoe charms, but still a lovely wearable.


These are the saddest wedding items on Etsy: 12 wedding memorial ideas to make you sniffly

While we all want weddings to be all about joy and love, many of us know that wedding days can be colored by a tinge of sadness and grief for family, friends, and loved ones who have passed away and are unable to be with you on a day of celebration. Today I want to chop some onions at work and take a look at some of the saddest and most touching wedding memorial ideas I found on Etsy. This entire post is maybe a little macabre, but grief is weird that way. Have your hankies at the ready…