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Sheila & Jason’s Medieval handfasting under the trees wedding

Being outdoorsy, pagan beliefs, love of all things Medieval… you know what this means. A Medieval handfasting with lots of mead, lots of maypole dancing, and major costume cred. Plus, a white horse somehow made its way to the wedding! It’s like magic.

Bring out your inner goddess with Kelly Morgen Jewelry

Kelly Morgen jewelry is not your typical wedding jewelry find. Every piece of this sponsor’s collection tells a specific story from the world’s many mythologies and legends while also looking damn pretty.

Anja & Lutz’s live roleplay wedding with historical aspirations

As avid live action role players, it was only fitting that Anja & Lutz have a full-on historically-inspired, live action role player wedding. They even got their guests to dress up!

Epic fantasy wedding gowns from Romantic Threads

When Belinda from Romantic Threads contacted us, Ariel and I flipped because we knew how much OBBs would LOVE her amazing custom made fantasy gowns. You’ve actually seen Romantic Threads before in Sophie & David’s fantastic romantic Alaskan wedding — Belinda did Sophie’s “Super Duper Dramatic Fantasy Gown.” And there are so many more colors, […]

Sexy medieval-themed groom gear

Texas photographer Stacy Reeves recently shot a Medieval-themed Day After session at an abandoned castle. The bride and groom incorporated Ren-Faire costumes, and a sword that the bride bought the groom as a wedding present.

The great thing about these photos is that it shows that you can have an historical themed wedding without going all-out on period costuming. In fact, the groom is more costume-y than the bride. And check out that groom gear! …

Katie & Scott’s Renaissance wedding at Medieval Times

Katie & Scott honored their marriage in a faraway land and time, where Kings reigned, knights battled with swords, and peasants feasted with their hands.